This section provides an overview of international commitments and local and national activities developed and implemented to counter anti-Semitism, including declarations of the OSCE participating States, who committed themselves to promoting educational programmes for combating anti-Semitism and disseminating lessons learned in the fight against intolerance and discrimination.

This section also provides a collection of materials, documents, and practices and initiatives in the field of education on anti-Semitism, such as the teaching materials and guides developed by ODIHR. For an overview of the teaching materials, see the Factsheet.

This section gives access to a wide range of publications and documents relating to different forms of anti-Semitism in the OSCE region. It includes information on Holocaust denial. The section covers hate crimes, hate speech and other forms of prejudice and hatred against Jews.

Links to organizations and institutions active in the field of education on anti-Semitism can be found here.

Latest documents and publications
Report of the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chair-in-Office on Combating Anti-Semitism, Rabbi Andrew Baker, on the country visit to Norway, September 11-13, 2016
Baker, Andrew ; OSCE Chairman-in-Office (CiO)
Published: Vienna : OSCE, 16 February 2017 CIO.GAL/225/16

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Material type: report about specific country/ies
Subject: anti-Semitism - hate crime - hate speech - harassment
Country coverage: Norway

List of appointments by the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship 2017
OSCE Chairman-in-Office (CiO)
Published: Vienna : OSCE, 12 January 2017 CIO.GAL/1/17/Rev.1

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Subject: anti-Semitism - Islamophobia - Christianophobia - racism - discrimination - tolerance - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
Country coverage: OSCE region

Antisemitism : overview of data available in the European Union 2004-2015
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Published: Vienna : FRA, December 2016

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Material type: report
Subject: anti-Semitism - data collection - hate crime - discrimination
Country coverage: EU region - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Cyprus - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Malta - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - United Kingdom

Key documents
Words into action to address anti-Semitism (factsheet)
28 September 2016
Ministerial Council declaration no. 8 on enhancing efforts to combat anti-Semitism
5 December 2014
Hate crime reporting website
17 June 2014
Hate crimes in the OSCE region : incidents and responses - annual report for 2012
15 November 2013
Hate crimes in the OSCE region : incidents and responses - annual report for 2011
16 November 2012
Hate crimes in the OSCE region : incidents and responses - annual report for 2010
16 November 2011
Report of the meeting for representatives of Ministries of Education "Education to Combat Anti-Semitism"
8 November 2010
Strategies in facing antisemitism : an educational resource guide (with contributions from the ODIHR)
SWC ; Yad Vashem
31 December 2008
Education on the Holocaust and on anti-Semitism : an overview and analysis of educational approaches
Document prepared for the OSCE Conference on anti-Semitism and on other forms of intolerance, Cordoba, 8-9 June, 2005.