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Diversity education

This section provides material and documents within formal education aiming to foster diversity and intercultural education in education policies and practices. Examples of teaching material in the classroom and reports on how diversity education can be implemented can be found here.

The links page guides you to websites of networks and institutions relevant in the area of diversity education.

Latest documents and publications
O zydach i zydowkach : interaktywna ksiazka przeciw antysemityzmowi
Wodzinska, Sylwia ; Ferencz, Michalina ; Kirschenbaum, Jan ; Humanity in Action Poland (HIA Poland)
Published: Warsaw : HIA Poland, March 2017
Other contributors: OSCE ODIHR

ISBN 978-83-941197-0-6

Graczyk, Marika (ill.)

View full text: Polish

Material type: tools and guides
Subject: anti-Semitism - education - diversity - anti-discrimination
Country coverage: Poland

Action plan against antisemitism 2016-2020
Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation
Published: Oslo : Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, December 2016

Doc.no. H-2381E

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Material type: action plan
Subject: national action plan - anti-Semitism - education - diversity - Holocaust education - hate crime - attitudes
Country coverage: Norway

Rowne traktowanie uczestnikow postepowan : przewodnik dla sedziow i prokuratorow (Equal treatment in a court : a guide for judges and prosecutors)
Pudzianowska, Dorota (ed.) ; Jagura, Jaroslaw (ed.) ; Human Rights Defender
Published: Warsaw : Office of the Human Rights Defender, 12 February 2016

ISBN 978-83-65029-17-1

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Material type: tools and guides
Subject: prosecution - administration of justice - anti-discrimination - disability - age - poverty - ethnicity - nationality - religion - sexual orientation - gender identity
Country coverage: Poland

Key documents
Hate crime reporting website
17 June 2014
OSCE human dimension commitments. Volume 1, Thematic compilation
April 2011
This volume is arranged thematically according to the main issues related to the human dimension.
Human rights education in the school systems of Europe, Central Asia and North America : a compendium of good practice
18 January 2011
Collection of 101 practices with samples of human rights education, education for democratic citizenship and education for mutual respect and understanding.
Ministerial Council decision no. 10/07. Tolerance and non-discrimination : promoting mutual respect and understanding
30 November 2007
Toledo guiding principles on teaching about religions and beliefs in public schools
27 November 2007
Developed in co-operation with education experts, aimed at legislators and schools, these guidelines offer guidance on preparing curricula for teaching about religions and beliefs, preferred procedures and standards for assuring fairness in the development of curricula and their implementation.
Ministerial Council Decision no. 10/05. Tolerance and non-discrimination : promoting mutual respect and understanding
6 December 2005
OSCE commitments relating to human rights education and training : a guide prepared for the OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Human Rights Education and Training
26 March 2004