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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2007Implementing the anti-discrimination law : a challenge for KosovoOSCE Mission in Kosovo ; Office of the Prime-Minister of Kosovo ; Office of Good Governance 
29-Apr-2010Police and Roma and Sinti : good practices in building trust and understandingOSCE ODIHR Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues (CPRSI) ; OSCE Strategic Police Matters Unit (SPMU) 
5-Jun-2012Best practices for Roma integration (factsheet)OSCE ODIHR 
2013Guide on discrimination groundsKotevska, Biljana ; OSCE Mission to Skopje 
29-May-2013Best practices for Roma integration : regional report on anti-discrimination and participation of Roma in local decision-makingOSCE ODIHR 
23-Jul-2013Police reform within the framework of criminal justice system reformOSCE Strategic Police Matters Unit (SPMU) 
10-Dec-2013Protection of minorities in Albania persuant to the Law for Protection from DiscriminationCommissioner for Protection from Discrimination ; OSCE ODIHR 
2014Dosta! Enough! Go beyond prejudice, meet the Roma! Toolkit against anti-GypsyismCouncil of Europe (COE) 
2015Displacement of Roma/Egyptian community established in the area of Artificial Lake, TiranaPeople's Advocate of Albania 
9-Dec-2015Understanding hate crimesOSCE ODIHR ; OSCE Mission in Kosovo ; OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina ; OSCE Mission to Skopje ; OSCE Presence in Albania 
2016Training Pack for Teachers: Living with Controversy - Teaching Controversial Issues Through Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (EDC/HRE)Kerr, David ; Huddleston, Ted ; Papamichael, Elena ; Gannon, Mary ; Djukanovic, Bojka ; Garvín Fernández, Rosa ; Council of Europe (COE) 
Feb-2016Annual reports on the activity of the People’s AdvocatePeople's Advocate of Albania 
26-Jan-2017Research report : impact of stereotypes and ethnic distance on the phenomena of discrimination, hate speech and hate crimeStojanovski, Strashko ; Poposka, Zhaneta ; OSCE Mission to Skopje 
27-Jun-2019Hate Crime Victimization Survey: ReportIganski, Paul ; OSCE Mission to Skopje