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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Nov-2001Convention on CybercrimeCouncil of Europe (COE) 
Dec-2001Hate crimes and ethnic conflict : a comparative perspectiveLevin, Jack (ed.) ; Rabrenovic, Gordana (ed.) 
Dec-2001After a racist attack : your rights and possibilities
2002"Fighting fire with fire" : rethinking the role of disgust in hate crimesAbrams, Kathryn ; University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Boalt Hall School of Law 
2002Bridging the information disconnect in national bias crime reporting : final reportMcDevitt, Jack ; Cronin, Shea ; Balboni, Jennifer ; Farrell, Amy ; Nolan, James ; Weiss, Joan ; Northeastern University. Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research 
2002Hate crimesSchloredt, Valerie (ed.) ; King’s College London. Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS) 
2002Hate crimes revisited : America's war against those who are differentLevin, Jack ; McDevitt, Jack ; Northeastern University 
2002Hatbrott : en uppföljning av rättsväsendets insatser (Hate crimes : a follow-up of justice system measures)Lönnheden, Karin ; Schelin, Lena ; National Council for Crime Prevention (BRA) 
2002Turn it down resource kit : a companion to soundtracks to the white revolution
22-Apr-2002Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/36 : extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executionsUnited Nations (UN). Commission on Human Rights (CHR) 
Jul-2002Peer leadership : helping youth become change agents in their schools and communities
Oct-2002Hate crime study : summary results of consultationsJanhevich, Derek E. ; Statistics Canada. Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) 
2003Hate and bias crime : a readerPerry, Barbara (ed.) 
2003Signs of hateCollins, Matthew (ed.) ; Gable, Gerry (ed.) ; Association of London Government ; Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) ; HM Prison Service ; National Probation Service for England and Wales ; Professional Trades Union for Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers (POA) ; Trade Union and Professional Association for Family Court and Probation Staff (NAPO) 
2003Where do we go from here? Researching hate crimePerry, Barbara 
2003Hate on display : hate symbols database : a visual database of extremist symbols, logos and tatoos
28-Jan-2003Additional protocol to the convention on cyber crime, concerning the criminalisation of acts of a racist and xenophobic nature committed through computer systemsCouncil of Europe (COE) 
Mar-2003The seven-stage hate model : the psychopathology of hate groupsSchafer, John R. ; Navarro, Joe ; United States Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 
Mar-2003Best practices of a hate/bias crime investigationBouman, Walter ; United States Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 
May-2003What is monitoringGuzman, Manuel ; Verstappen, Bert