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Title: Edukacja miedzykulturowa : poradnik dla nauczyciela
Authors: Klimowicz, Anna (ed.) 
Corporate Authors: National In-Service Teacher Training Center (NTTC) 
Subject Keywords: education ; cultural diversity ; tolerance ; stereotype ; prejudice
Key Issues: Diversity education
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: NTTC
Publication Country: Poland 
Publication Place : Warsaw
Material Type: tools and guides
Language: Polish
Country: Poland 
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Abstract: Tolerance education to combat xenophobia and racism is challenging for all teachers in Europe. Educating youth on how to overcome prejudices and negative stereotypes and at the same time how to be aware of one's national heritage should be a priority. The book is addressed to teachers teaching different subjects in a variety of schools. It includes samples of lesson plans and projects which can be incorporated into elementary, lower-secondary or secondary curricula. It also contains texts on multiculturalism, national identity, stereotypes and prejudice.
Physical Description: 340 p.
ISBN: 83-87958-49-2
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