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Title: Rethinking non-discrimination and minority rights
Authors: Scheinin, Martin (ed.) 
Toivanen, Reetta (ed.) 
Corporate Authors: Abo Akademi University. Institute for Human Rights 
German Institute for Human Rights 
Subject Keywords: discrimination ; minority rights ; international law
Key Issues: Racism and xenophobia
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Åbo Akademi University. Institute for Human Rights
Publication Country: Finland 
Publication Place : Turku
Language: English
Country: Finland 
Country Coverage: EU region 
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Abstract: The overall question to which this publication wishes to shed light from different academic perspectives is whether it is possible to consolidate non-discrimination and minority rights protections. These two strands of the human rights discourse are typically developed separately, as non-discrimination is conceived at as an approach, which strives for more equality and sameness between different individuals and groups of peoples. Minority rights, for their part, seem to represent a clearly different approach in which the guaranteeing of the rights to difference and to different treatment take the highest ranking. In this publication an interdisciplinary group of researchers make efforts to combine the two approaches. The book is a result of interaction between German scholars and the Finish research project "Rethinking legal strategies and ethnic discrimination" (Restra), funded in 2001-2003 by the Academy of Finland within its"Syreeni" research programme on racism and discrimination in Finland. In eleven essays the authors critically examine exisiting international and national legal (hard and soft law) frameworks for the protection of minorities and for combating racism and ethnic discrimination.
Internal Notes: Contents: 1. Constitutional coexistence : minority rights and non-discrimination under the new Finnish constitution of 2000 / by M. Scheinin. -- 2. Traditional and new minorities in Germany : different degrees of protection / by E. Klein. -- 3. Recommendations for anti-discrimination policies in Germany : the long way towards international standards / by D. Addy. -- 4. Reflections on the country report on Finland by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) / by L. Hannikainen. -- 5. The work of the Advisory Committee under the framework convention for the protection of national minorities, with particular emphasis on the case of Germany / by R. Hofmann. -- 6. Integration of minorities into society : how it is reflected in international documents and in the work of ECRI and the Advisory Committee of the framework convention / by M. Pentikäinen. -- 7. The politics of otherness : constructing the autonomy of political subjects in the migrant minorities as a way of reforming Western European democracies / by V. Manjuk, S. Manolcheva and E. Vior. -- 8. Is multiculturalism bad for the fight against discrimination? / by T. Makkonen. -- 9. Contextualising struggles over culture and equality : an anthropological perspective / by R. Toivanen. -- 10. Death, rightes and institutions in immigrant Switzerland / by J. Pfaff-Czarnecka. -- 11. How to resolve conflicts between individual and collective rights / by M. Scheinin.
Physical Description: xviii, 254 p.
ISBN: 952-12-1306-X
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