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Country CoverageEU region
Accessioned Date2018-05-21T10:50:29Z
Availability Date2018-05-21T10:50:29Z
Issue Date2005-09
PublisherEuropean Commission
Subject Keywordstraining
Subject Keywordsanti-discrimination
Subject Keywordsanti-racism
Subject Keywordsemployment
Subject Keywordsage
Subject Keywordssexual orientation
Subject Keywordsfreedom of religion or belief
Subject Keywordspersons with disabilities
Subject Keywordsgender equality
Subject KeywordsEU
Subject Keywordscivil society
Subject Keywordsethnic and national minorities
Subject Keywordsgay
Subject Keywordsreligious or belief groups
Subject Keywordselderly
Subject Keywordspersons with disabilities
Subject Keywordswomen
TitleCapacity building of civil society dealing with anti-discrimination : training manual
Material Typetools and guides
Corporate AuthorsHuman European Consultancy
Publication CountryBelgium
Publication Place Brussels
Key IssuesRacism and xenophobia
Key IssuesGender based discrimination
Key IssuesHomophobia
Key IssuesFreedom of religion or belief
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Physical Description46 p.
See Alsoreligion or belief
See AlsoPeople of African descent
See AlsoArab
See AlsoArmenian
See AlsoAsian
See AlsoBosniak
See AlsoChechen
See AlsoCroat
See AlsoFrisian
See AlsoGerman
See AlsoHispanic
See AlsoHungarian
See AlsoMontenegrin
See AlsoPomak
See AlsoRussian
See AlsoSaami
See AlsoSerb
See AlsoTatar
See AlsoCrimean Tatar
See AlsoTurk
See AlsoUzbek
See AlsoUkrainian
See AlsoYazidi
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