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Title: The impact of minority rights mechanisms
Authors: Letschert, Rianne M. 
Subject Keywords: minority rights ; civil and political rights ; human rights ; intergovernmental organizations ; international law
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: T.M.C. Asser Press
Publication Country: Netherlands 
Publication Place : The Hague
Language: English
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Abstract: History shows a pattern of oppression, forced assimilation, and even destruction of minority groups. Although legal and quasi-legal instruments were adopted after both the First and Second World Wars, it was not until after the fall of the Berlin Wall that the protection of persons belonging to national minorities became a dominant issue in the international legal and political arenas. This book focuses on three mechanisms in the field: the OSCE High Commission on National Minorities (established in 1992), the UN Working Group on Minorities (established 1995), and the CoE Advisory Committee on Minorities (established 1997). The core question examined is whether these mechanisms, with the variety of approaches and working methods at their disposal, really make a difference in the protection of national minorities.
Physical Description: 524 p.
ISBN: 90-6704-210-2
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