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Title: Concluding document of the Madrid meeting 1980 of representatives of the participating States of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, held on the basis of the provisions of the final act relating to the follow-up to the conference
Corporate Authors: OSCE 
Subject Keywords: OSCE ; terrorism ; human rights ; culture ; education ; freedom of religion or belief
See Also: religion or belief
Key Issues: Freedom of religion or belief ; Intolerance against Christians
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: OSCE
Publication Country: Spain 
Publication Place : Madrid
Material Type: declaration
Language: English ; French ; German ; Italian ; Russian ; Spanish
Meeting Title: Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe 
Meeting Date: 11 November 1980 - 9 September 1983
Meeting Place: Madrid
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Internal Notes: Other title: Second follow-up meeting, Madrid, 11 November 1980 to 9 September 1983
Physical Description: 30 p.
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