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Title: Istoriografija katastrofy. Evrejskij vzglyad : kontseptualizatsija, terminologiya, podhody i fundamentalnye voprosy
Authors: Michman, Dan 
Corporate Authors: Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies 
Bar-Ilan University 
Subject Keywords: Holocaust ; anti-Semitism ; Holocaust education
See Also: genocide ; Holocaust education ; Holocaust remembrance ; Holocaust denial
Key Issues: Holocaust remembrance and education ; Anti-Semitism
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies
Diva Independent
Publication Country: Ukraine 
Publication Place : Dnepropetrovsk
Material Type: research
Language: Russian
Series: Ukrainian Holocaust Library Tkuma
Country: Ukraine 
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Abstract: While historical research on the Holocaust has been growing constantly, and has in the last few decades almost exploded, the perspective of the targeted group - the Jews - as an active player in the historical arena of the Holocaust, a player with its own historical background, has not been seriously integrated into the larger fabric. In a series of treatises, some of which are based on articles previously published in several languages, this book tries to analyze existing research from these neglected perspectives. The author also examines the ways in which The Holocaust is conceptualized, and how different understandings of the same concept and the use of alternative terms lead to different, and even conflicting, conclusions. Looking at terms such as resistance, collaboration, Fascism, Judenrat, The Surviving Remnant, The Jewish People, etc. - the reader gets a variety of original introductions into the most fundamental issues of this event and the era in which it happened. On the basis of the insights gained from this X-ray approach, the author provides both researchers and laymen with a better understanding of scholarly debates and research directions, while also proposing fresh historical explanations.
Internal Notes: Translation of 'Holocaust historiography. A Jewish perspective : conceptualizations, terminology, approaches and fundamental issues' published in London by Vallentine-Mitchell.
Physical Description: 448 p.
ISBN: 0-85303-436-2 (eng)
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