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Title: Why we hate
Authors: Levin, Jack 
Rabrenovic, Gordana 
Subject Keywords: hate crime ; racism and xenophobia ; intolerance ; religion or belief ; religious or belief groups ; Muslims ; anti-Semitism ; media ; Muslims ; Jews ; ethnic groups ; People of African descent
Key Issues: Hate crime
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2004
Publisher: Prometheus
Publication Country: United States 
Publication Place : Amherst
Language: English
Country: United States 
Country Coverage: United States 
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Abstract: Publisher's description: The 9/11 terrorist attacks have fed into fears that Americans are hated by others abroad and have prompted questions about the genesis of that perceived hatred. Why do people hate to such an extent that they will commit violence? Criminologist Levin and sociologist Rabrenovic explore hatred, whether it is inborn or learned behavior, what triggers it, and how it can be curbed. Using research, news reports, and anecdotes to illustrate continued discrimination against and hostilities toward various minorities, the authors examine how hatred is provoked by envy, frustration, or the need to control. They examine the rising anti-Muslim feelings in the wake of the terrorist attacks, America's troubled history of hatred toward blacks and Jews, and ethnic hatred that has spurred continued violence in nations around the world. They note that when hatred is widely shared in a society, it becomes part of the culture. The authors examine the forces that cause nations, and individuals, to capitulate to hatred and the courage it takes to resist it and work toward peace.
Physical Description: 276 p.
ISBN: 1-59102-191-X
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