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AuthorsWeisskirchen, Gert
Accessioned Date2018-05-21T10:56:02Z
Availability Date2018-05-21T10:56:02Z
Issue Date2007-11-13
Subject Keywordsanti-Semitism
Subject Keywordsmedia
Subject Keywordsinternet
Subject KeywordsHolocaust education
Subject KeywordsHolocaust remembrance
Subject Keywordseducation
Subject KeywordsOSCE
TitleReport of MP Prof. Gert Weisskirchen, Personal Representative of the Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE on Combating Antisemitism, to the Permanent Council of the OSCE
Material Typeactivity report
Publication CountryAustria
Publication Place Vienna
Key IssuesAnti-Semitism
Document NumberCIO.GAL/171/07
Internal NotesOf the contents: Press release 'Sport verbindet Menschen - Extremismus trennt sie', 09.07.2007. -- Press release 'Dejagah’s behavior is unacceptable', 10.10.2007.
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Physical Description26 p.
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Holocaust remembrance and education
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