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Title: Education of Roma children in Europe : texts and activities of the Council of Europe concerning education
Corporate Authors: Council of Europe (COE) 
Subject Keywords: education ; children's rights ; CoE ; children ; students ; Roma and Sinti ; Roma and Sinti
Key Issues: Diversity education ; Roma, Sinti and Travellers
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: COE
Publication Country: France 
Publication Place : Strasbourg
Material Type: report
Language: English ; French
Series: Education of Roma/gypsy children in Europe
Country Coverage: COE region 
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Abstract: Publisher's description: The Council of Europe has organised numerous activities involving Roma. This publication was compiled as part of the 'Education of Roma children in Europe' project, which was responsible for implementing Recommendation no. R(2000)4 of the Committee of Ministers to the member states on the education of Roma/Gypsy children in Europe. It outlines the Council of Europe’s official texts on Roma and Travellers, highlighting references to education. The resulting summary gives an overview of the working context for these texts, their implementation and the activities of the Council of Europe in this area.
Physical Description: 121 p.
ISBN: 978-92-871-5978-6
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