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Title: When Islam and democracy meet : Muslims in Europe and in the United States
Authors: Cesari, Jocelyne 
Subject Keywords: intolerance ; religion or belief ; religious or belief groups ; Muslims ; religion or belief ; EU ; Muslims
Key Issues: Intolerance against Muslims
Issue Date: Feb-2006
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Country: United States 
Publication Place : New York, NY
Language: English
Country: United States 
Country Coverage: EU region 
United States 
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Abstract: Publisher's description: Exploring the woefully neglected reality of Islam as a major cultural and religious facet of American and European politics and societies, Cesari examines how Muslims in the West are challenging the notion of an inevitable clash or confrontation. Comparing the interaction of Muslims with their new countries, this book addresses the implications of increased Islamic visibility, violent clashes, beneficial cooperation, and questions within the Muslim community about their role and the role of Islam in democratic states. Pursuing a holistic approach to Muslims as a new minority within western democracy, Cesari provides important insights.
Physical Description: 267 p.
ISBN: 1-4039-7146-3
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