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Title: Навчальні матеріали з протидії дискримінації, расизму й антисемітизму [Ukraine]
Other Titles: Navchalni materialy z istoriji jevrejiv ta antysemityzmu v Jevropy
Corporate Authors: OSCE ODIHR 
Subject Keywords: racism and xenophobia ; anti-Semitism ; prejudice ; discrimination ; education ; history ; Holocaust education
Key Issues: Anti-Semitism ; Racism and xenophobia
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: Anne Frank House
Publication Country: Netherlands 
Publication Place : Amsterdam
Material Type: teaching material
Format: booklet
Language: Ukrainian
Series: Teaching materials to combat anti-Semitism
Volume: 0
Country: Ukraine 
Country Coverage: Ukraine 
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Notes List Display: Ukrainian country version of: "Teaching materials to combat anti-Semitism"<br>
Physical Description: part 1: 16 p.; part 2: 16 p.; part 3: 16 p.
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