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Title: The Arab-American handbook : a guide to the Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim worlds
Authors: Shora, Nawar 
Subject Keywords: religion or belief ; culture ; stereotype ; Muslims ; religious or belief groups ; Arab
Key Issues: Intolerance against Muslims
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: Cune
Publication Country: United States 
Publication Place : Seattle
Material Type: tools and guides
Language: English
Country: United States 
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Abstract: Publisher's description: The Arab-American handbook contains useful reference material and comment by a wide variety of participants and observers. The book includes: a thumbnail history; the essentials of Islam; social insights and cultural norms. The perfect tool for teachers, employers, travelers, law enforcement. Government workers and the general public will find that they can quickly penetrate the stereotypes and misconceptions to appreciate the tenor and nuance of Arab and Muslim life. Without a better grasp of this subject, the citizens of liberal democracies are unsafe at home and at a disadvantage in the global competition for hearts and minds.
Physical Description: 236 p.
ISBN: 978-1885942142
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