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Title: Musu seneliu ir proseneliu kaimynai zydai : moksleiviu darbu konkursas (trecioji knyga)
Authors: Linas Vildziunas, Sudare 
Subject Keywords: Holocaust education ; Holocaust remembrance ; history ; culture ; students
Key Issues: Holocaust┬áremembrance and education
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Garnelis
Publication Country: Lithuania 
Publication Place : Vilnius
Material Type: tools and guides
Language: Lithuanian ; English
Country: Lithuania 
Country Coverage: Lithuania 
Abstract: The publication resulted from the student writing competition "Our grandparents' and grand-grandparents' Jewish neighbours" initiated by the "House of Memory" (Studies and Commemoration of the Holocaust and Jewish Heritage in Lithuania). Students were invited to collect memories of the elderly people about the Jewish communities who used to live in the Lithuanian towns and villages and were obliterated during the years of the Second World War. Student were encouraged to record extant Jewish homes, synagogues and cemeteries, to find out the names of people and their horrible fate. One of the key objectives of the competition was to bring history closer to students and through its authentic revisiting, to introduce a personal parameter into their history knowledge and to provide them with a more profound perception of the extent of the tragedy of the Jewish nation and the awareness of the Holocaust.
Physical Description: 186 p.
ISBN: 978-9955-428-89-3
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Holocaust remembrance and education

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