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Title: Hate crimes : causes, controls, and controversies
Authors: Gerstenfeld, Phyllis B. (ed.) 
Subject Keywords: hate crime ; prejudice ; criminal law ; victims
Key Issues: Hate crime
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: SAGE
Publication Country: United States 
Publication Place : Thousand Oaks
Edition: 2nd ed.
Language: English
Country: United States 
Country Coverage: United States 
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Abstract: Publisher's description: Who perpetrates hate crimes and why? How do hate groups recruit members? Why does so much controversy surround hate crime legislation? While hate crimes are becoming a popular area of academic study, many important questions about hate crimes remain unanswered. "Hate crimes : causes, controls, and controversies" addresses the many facets of hate crimes, providing a comprehensive examination of this complex problem. Author Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld explores the causes of prejudice, the history and operation of hate crime legislation, the activities of organized extremist groups, the international manifestations and solutions to hate crimes, and the consequences of hate crimes upon victims and communities. Considering a broad range of issues from a variety of perspectives, this multidisciplinary text includes the latest legal developments and cutting-edge social research.
Physical Description: 347 p.
ISBN: 9-781412-980258
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