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AuthorsKarsai, Laszlo
AuthorsKadar, Gabor
AuthorsVagi, Zoltan
Country CoverageHungary
Accessioned Date2018-05-21T11:09:24Z
Availability Date2018-05-21T11:09:24Z
Issue Date2006
PublisherHungarian National Museum
Subject Keywordsgenocide
Subject Keywordshuman rights violations
Subject KeywordsHolocaust education
Subject Keywordsanti-Semitism
Subject Keywordsintolerance
Subject KeywordsRoma and Sinti
Subject Keywordshistory
Subject KeywordsRoma and Sinti
TitleFrom deprivation of rights to genocide : to the memory of the victims of the Hungarian Holocaust
Corporate AuthorsHungarian National Museum
Publication CountryHungary
Publication Place Budapest
Key IssuesHolocaust remembrance and education
Key IssuesRoma, Sinti and Travellers
Physical Description79 p.
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See AlsoHolocaust
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Holocaust remembrance and education
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