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Title: Deconstructing Islamophobia in Poland : story of an internet group
Authors: Gorak-Sosnowska, Katarzyna 
Subject Keywords: intolerance ; religion or belief ; religious or belief groups ; Muslims ; cyber-hate ; religion or belief ; culture ; Muslims
Key Issues: Intolerance against Muslims ; Hate on the Internet
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: University of Warsaw
Publication Country: Poland 
Publication Place : Warsaw
Language: English
Series: Studia Arabistyczne i Islamistyczne : monografie
Volume: tom II
Country: Poland 
Country Coverage: Poland 
URL more information: pol
Abstract: Publisher's description: The book analyses the interaction of Muslims and critics of Islam on the internet with a focus on the way in which anti-Islamic rethorics is constructed and processed in a country where Muslims constitute less than 0.1% of the population.
Physical Description: 128 p.
ISBN: 978-83-936280-8-7
ISSN: 2299-9132
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