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Country CoverageAustria
Accessioned Date2018-05-21T11:15:18Z
Availability Date2018-05-21T11:15:18Z
Issue Date2013-10-07
PublisherUN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNOHCHR)
SeriesConsideration of reports submitted by states parties under article 40 of the covenant
Subject Keywordscivil and political rights
Subject Keywordscovenants
Subject Keywordsgender equality
Subject Keywordslaw enforcement
Subject Keywordsdetention
Subject Keywordsdeportation
Subject Keywordsminority rights
Subject Keywordswomen
Subject Keywordsasylum seekers
Subject Keywordsrefugees
Subject Keywordsnon-nationals
Subject Keywordschildren
Subject Keywordsethnic and national minorities
TitleFifth periodic reports of States parties due in 2012 : Austria
Material Typecountry report
Meeting TitleHuman Rights Committee
Corporate AuthorsUnited Nations (UN). Human Rights Committee (HRC)
Publication CountrySwitzerland
Publication Place Geneva
Key IssuesGender based discrimination
Document NumberCCPR/C/AUT/5
Meeting PlaceGeneva
Meeting Session115th session
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Physical Description52 p.
Meeting Date19 October - 6 November 2015
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