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Title: The Tallinn Guidelines on National Minorities and the Media in the Digital Age & Explanatory Note
Corporate Authors: OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) 
Subject Keywords: diversity ; freedom of expression ; media ; cultural diversity ; ethnic and national minorities
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2019
Publisher: OSCE HCNM
Publication Country: Netherlands 
Edition: 1
Material Type: tools and guides
Format: pdf
Language: English
Country Coverage: OSCE region 
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Abstract: "Diverse societies require space for inclusive and pluralistic interaction and debate. Media and information technologies can offer such spaces to allow different groups to interact with each other, explore their identities, and voice diverse perspectives without fear. This fosters dialogue and mutual understanding, strengthens societal integration and resilience, and reduces tensions. The OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities offers guidance on how to create, nurture, and develop the role of the media and information technologies for conflict prevention. The High Commissioner’s Tallinn Guidelines on National Minorities and the Media in the Digital Age advise on how to: - Operationalize the right to freedom of expression in diverse societies and enable access to a wide range of media and information technologies without discrimination; - Avoid hostility towards national minorities by refraining from and by countering hate speech, disinformation, propaganda or inflammatory discourse, within or across borders; - Support and stimulate media and information technologies so that they can better cater for the linguistic, cultural and other needs and interests of national minorities; and - Create and sustain a favourable environment for pluralistic debate in the digital age in which members of all groups in society can participate."
Physical Description: 74 pp.
ISBN: 978–90–75989-38-0
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