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Issue Date2019-06-04
Abstract"Coalition building is about individual organizations amplifying their voices by working together. Anti-Semitism, intolerance and discrimination are deeply embedded across the OSCE region and addressing them requires the combined efforts of many communities and organizations. It cannot be accomplished in any large measure by just one group acting on its own. By bringing together groups with different skills, experiences, resources and connections, coalitions can be a powerful ways to bring about large-scale, enduring changes to address issues of discrimination. ODIHR’s new manual provides a flexible workshop model to support the creation of successful coalitions, alongside fourteen annexes containing tools to facilitate this endeavour. The model for a two-day workshop draws on the human rights-based approach and the recommendations contained within ODIHR’s practical guide on coalition building for tolerance and non-discrimination. Each workshop tool can be downloaded as an annex in a print-friendly format to be used during the workshop: Annex 1: Sample Pre-Training Evaluation Form for the Coalition Building Workshop Annex 2: Visioning Exercise: Challenges and Solutions When Building a Coalition Scenario Annex 3: Stakeholder Identification Process Flowchart Annex 4: Stakeholder Analysis Roleplaying Exercise Annex 5: Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet Annex 6: Operating Principles Template Annex 7: Developing a Coalition Plan Template Annex 8: Passport to the Future Annex 9: Sustainability Policy Strategies Annex 10: Coalition Member Assessment Tool Annex 11: First Meeting Sample Agenda Annex 12: The Stages of the Consensus Process Annex 13: What to Do When Things Go Wrong Annex 14: Sample Post-Training Evaluation Form for the Training Session"
Subject Keywordscivil society
Subject Keywordstolerance
Subject Keywordseducation
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TitleModel Workshop Trainers’ Manual: Building Coalitions for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination
Material Typeteaching material
Corporate AuthorsOSCE ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department (TND)
Internal Notespublished within the program of Words into Action to address anti-Semitism (WiA)
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Words into Action to Address Anti-Semitism
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