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AuthorsPasikowska-Schnass, Magdalena
AuthorsRadjenovic, Anja
Country CoverageEU region
Accessioned Date2019-07-23T14:34:38Z
Availability Date2019-07-23T14:34:38Z
Issue Date2019-01
Abstract"Europe's Jewish population has been diminishing in recent decades, and a growing number of anti-Semitic acts and anti-Jewish violence have been occurring in recent years in the EU. In defence of its values, including respect for minorities, the EU undertakes and funds actions to counter anti-Semitism. This is a further updated version of an 'at a glance' note published in January 2018."
SeriesAt a glance
Subject Keywordsanti-Semitism
Subject Keywordstolerance
Subject Keywordsmigration
Subject Keywordsculture
Subject KeywordsHolocaust
Subject KeywordsHolocaust denial
Subject KeywordsHolocaust education
Subject KeywordsHolocaust remembrance
Subject KeywordsEU
Subject KeywordsJews
TitleJewish communities in the European Union
Material Typeresearch
Material Typethematic report
Corporate AuthorsEuropean Parliament Members' Research Service
Corporate ContributorEuropean Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)
Key IssuesAnti-Semitism
Document NumberPE 614.659
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Physical Description2 p.
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