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Accessioned Date2020-08-26T13:38:53Z
Availability Date2020-08-26T13:38:53Z
Issue Date2020-05-25
Abstract"COVID-19 has provoked a series of discriminatory acts across continents, with different groups as targets. In this article, 10 UNESCO Chairs dealing with human rights and social inclusion provide insights as to how this global phenomenon manifests itself in their countries. The article is not exhaustive. Its purpose is to help illustrate, through local experiences reported by the Chairs, the plurality of forms that discrimination and stigma related to COVID-19 may take in different contexts. To be effective, responses will need to address the specificities of each manifestation, tackling, in particular, deeply rooted patterns of exclusion."
Subject Keywordsintolerance
Subject Keywordsanti-discrimination
Subject Keywordstolerance
Subject Keywordsstereotype
TitleCOVID-19-related discrimination and stigma: a global phenomenon?
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Corporate AuthorsUNESCO
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