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Title: Gender Analysis of COVID-19 Response in the Republic of Serbia: March-May 2020
Other Titles: Rodna analiza odgovora na COVID-19 u Republici Srbiji: mart-maj 2020. godine
Authors: Pajvančić, Marijana 
Petrušić, Nevena 
Nikolin, Sanja 
Vladisavljević, Aleksandra 
Baćanović, Višnja 
Corporate Authors: OSCE Mission to Serbia 
Subject Keywords: gender
See Also: access to health services
Key Issues: Gender based discrimination
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2020
Publisher: OSCE Mission to Serbia
Material Type: thematic report
Format: pdf
Language: English ; Serbian
Country Coverage: Serbia 
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Abstract: "With the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia and the Women’s Platform for Development of Serbia 2014-2020, the authors conducted an in-depth study into existing mechanisms and measures taken by the Government of Serbia, including the legal framework for managing the epidemics and the declaration of a state of emergency, available social protection services, position of women exposed to gender-based violence, economic consequences, and other crucial domains.This analysis also offers accounts of 84 diverse Serbian women and their experiences at the everyday micro-level, from which conclusions and recommendations regarding the measures, or lack thereof, were drawn."
Physical Description: 173 p. (English), 164 p. (Serbian)
ISBN: 9788663830950
Appears in Collections:Tolerance and Non-Discrimination in the Context of COVID-19

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