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AuthorsAwan, Imran
AuthorsKhan-Williams, Roxana
Country CoverageUnited Kingdom
Accessioned Date2020-11-25T12:03:04Z
Availability Date2020-11-25T12:03:04Z
Issue Date2020-04
Abstract"The aims and objectives of this report are to try and provide a snapshot of trends of anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobic narratives circulating on social media in relation to Covid-19. The objectives are to provide an overview of how these narratives are formed and how they are impacting communities both online and offline"
Subject Keywordsracism and xenophobia
Subject Keywordsintolerance
Subject KeywordsMuslims
Subject Keywordscivil society
Subject Keywordshate crime
Subject Keywordsstereotype
Subject Keywordsprejudice
Subject Keywordshate speech
Subject Keywordsvictims
TitleResearch Briefing Report 2020: Coronavirus, Fear and How Islamophobia Spreads on Social Media
Material Typethematic report
Corporate AuthorsCross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred (AMHWG)
Key IssuesHate on the Internet
Key IssuesIntolerance against Muslims
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Physical Description15 p.
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Appears in Collections:Tolerance and Non-Discrimination in the Context of COVID-19
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