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Title: Plan of Action: World Programme for Human Rights Education: First Phase
Corporate Authors: United Nations (UN). Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) 
Subject Keywords: education ; human rights ; UN ; UNESCO
Key Issues: Diversity education
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: OHCHR; UNESCO
Publication Place : Geneva; New York
Material Type: teaching material
Format: book
Language: English
Series: Compendium of good practices in HR education
Volume: 9
Country Coverage: UN region 
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Abstract: "The first phase (2005-2009) of the World Programme for Human Rights Education focused on human rights education in the primary and secondary school systems. Although the first phase was initially launched for three years (until 2007), the Human Rights Council subsequently decided, in its resolution 6/24 (28 September 2007), to extend it until the end of 2009. Developed by a broad group of education and human rights practitioners from all continents, the Plan of Action for the first phase proposed a concrete strategy and practical ideas for implementing human rights education nationally. The Plan of Action was adopted by General Assembly resolution 59/113 B (14 July 2005)."
Physical Description: 34 p.
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