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Accessioned Date2021-05-07T08:43:56Z
Availability Date2021-05-07T08:43:56Z
Issue Date2021-05-05
Abstract"The Committee of Ministers has adopted Guidelines for the 47 member states to help them in upholding equality and protecting against discrimination and hate during the Covid-19 pandemic and similar crises in the future. The Committee stresses the importance of establishing effective structures and procedures to manage crises and their specific impact on disadvantaged groups and equality in a swift and inclusive way."
Subject Keywordshate crime
Subject Keywordstolerance
Subject Keywordshate speech
Subject Keywordsdiscrimination
TitleGuidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on upholding equality and protecting against discrimination and hate during the Covid-19 pandemic and similar crises in the future
Material Typetools and guides
Corporate AuthorsCouncil of Europe (COE), Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI)
Key IssuesRacism and xenophobia
Document NumberCM(2021)37-add1final
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Tolerance and Non-Discrimination in the Context of COVID-19
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