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Title: Anti-Roma Hate Crime [factsheet]
Other Titles: Антиромские преступления на почве ненависти
Antiromska krivična djela počinjena iz mržnje
Престъпления от омраза срещу ромите
Crimes de haine anti-Roms
Antiromaische Hassverbrechen
Romákkal szemben elkövetett gyűlöletbűncselekmények
Crimini d’odio anti-Rom
Xolinatar Kontra-Roma Krima
Infracțiunile motivate de ură față de romi
Trestné činy z nenávisti voči Rómom
Corporate Authors: OSCE ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department (TND) 
OSCE ODIHR Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues (CPRSI) 
Subject Keywords: Roma and Sinti ; hate crime
See Also: intolerance ; anti-discrimination ; stereotype ; victims
Key Issues: Hate crime ; Roma, Sinti and Travellers
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2021
Publisher: OSCE/ODIHR
Edition: 1
Material Type: tools and guides
Format: pdf
Language: English ; French ; German ; Italian ; Russian ; Bosnian ; Bulgarian ; Hungarian ; Romani ; Romanian ; Slovenian
Series: Hate Crime Factsheets
Volume: 0
Country Coverage: OSCE region 
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Abstract: Intolerance and discrimination have affected Roma and Sinti communities for centuries, and continue to be a concern in the OSCE region, including harmful discourse and stereotyping. Too often, this intolerance can morph into anti-Roma hate crimes, ranging from anti-Roma graffiti to racially-motivated violence. Hate crime has a significant, long-lasting impact on victims, perpetuates inequality, and undermines security and social cohesion. Anti- Roma hate crimes send a message of exclusion not only to Roma and Sinti victims and their communities, but society as a whole. Everyone has a role to play in addressing anti-Roma hate crimes and all forms of intolerance and discrimination. This factsheet highlights the impact of anti-Roma hate crime and provides guidance on identifying such crimes.
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