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Accessioned Date2021-12-14T09:39:51Z
Availability Date2021-12-14T09:39:51Z
NotesThe publications are available in various languages.
Subject Keywordsanti-discrimination
Subject Keywordsdiscrimination
Subject Keywordschildren's rights
Subject Keywordsaccess to justice
Subject KeywordsCoE
Subject KeywordsECHR
Subject KeywordsFRA
Subject Keywordsinternational law
TitleJoint Publications by the ECHR and FRA
Material Typewebsite
Corporate AuthorsEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Corporate AuthorsCouncil of Europe (COE). European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)
Key IssuesAnti-Semitism
Key IssuesFreedom of religion or belief
Key IssuesIntolerance against Christians
Key IssuesIntolerance against Muslims
Key IssuesRacism and xenophobia
Key IssuesRoma, Sinti and Travellers
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International Framework and Standards
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