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Accessioned Date2021-12-15T12:35:56Z
Availability Date2021-12-15T12:35:56Z
Issue Date2019
PublisherThe Southern Poverty Law Center
Subject Keywordsintolerance
Subject Keywordsanti-discrimination
Subject Keywordstolerance
Subject Keywordsstereotype
Subject Keywordsprejudice
Subject Keywordshate speech
Subject Keywordsdiscrimination
Subject Keywordsprofiling
Subject Keywordseducation
Subject Keywordshuman rights education
Subject Keywordscultural diversity
Subject Keywordsrace and ethnic relations
Subject Keywordsreligion or belief
Subject Keywordsstudents
Subject Keywordsteachers
TitleLet’s Talk! Facilitating Critical Conversations With Students: A Learning for Justice Guide
Material Typetools and guides
Corporate AuthorsLearning for Justice
Publication CountryUnited States
Key IssuesDiversity education
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Physical Description44 p.
Fulltext Grantnone
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