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Title: Guide to interreligious dialogue: Bridging Differences and Building Sustainable Societies
Corporate Authors: KAICIID Dialogue Centre 
Subject Keywords: tolerance ; education ; religion or belief ; religious symbols ; religious or belief groups
See Also: Muslims ; Christians ; culture ; diversity ; freedom of religion or belief ; Sikhs ; Baha'is ; Jainists ; Zoroastrians ; Buddhists ; Jews ; Yazidis ; Hindus ; Catholics ; Jehovah's Witnesses ; Orthodox Christians ; Protestants ; women ; children ; youth
Key Issues: Diversity education
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2021
Publisher: The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID)
Material Type: teaching material
tools and guides
Format: book
Language: English
Series: KAICIID Felows Publications
Volume: 0
Country Coverage: UN region 
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Abstract: "The publication, Guide to Interreligious Dialogue: Bridging Differences and Building Sustainable Societies, serves as a roadmap for individuals and organizations working in the field of dialogue and interreligious dialogue. Examining the uses, methods and benefits of dialogical approaches to societal divisions, the guide is meant as an introduction for interfaith practitioners seeking sustainable solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing problems. The 72-page illustrated document is intended for religious leaders, members of religious communities and faith-based organizations, policymakers, government ministers and other groups responsible for formulating policy and political agendas. Accessibly written, the guide will also appeal to individuals unfamiliar with interfaith dialogue but curious to understand more about its potential."
Physical Description: 76 p.
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