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Title: Hate Crime Victims’ Participation in Criminal Proceedings [EStAR webinar no 2]
Contributors: Lawson, Jane E. 
Kundrák, Viktor 
Kusche, Robert 
Aa, Suzan van der 
Kamber, Krešimir 
Zálešák, Michal 
Raffel, Lars-Arne 
Corporate Authors: OSCE ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department (TND) 
Subject Keywords: hate crime ; victims ; victim support ; legal assistance
See Also: hate crime
Key Issues: Hate crime
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2022
Material Type: presentation
tools and guides
Format: video
Language: English
Series: EStAR
Volume: 18
Country Coverage: OSCE region 
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Abstract: Hate crime victims who chose to participate in criminal or civil proceedings must feel safe and supported each step of the way. They should have the opportunity to present the harm they have suffered, receive compensation and have the confidence that their procedural rights will be safeguarded. Regardless if the prosecution leads to conviction, it is imperative that hate crime victims have meaningful access to justice and can participate in the criminal proceedings. The webinar is organized as part of the Enhancing Stakeholder Awareness and Resources for Hate Crime Victim Support (EStAR) project []. It will promote hate crime victims’ active participation and adequate support provision during the criminal proceedings. Leading experts and practitioners in the field will provide insights into victims’ participation rights in different types of jurisdictions, provision of legal aid in criminal proceedings and international litigation. It will look at how hate crime victims should be supported during these proceedings, as well as offer professional perspectives and experiences on navigating the criminal justice system.
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23013_EN_5.pdfKresimir Kamber presentation: "Participation of Hate Crime Victims in Criminal Proceedings: The ECHR Perspective"277.6 kBAdobe PDFThumbnail
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