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Mowa nienawisci : raport z badan sondazowych
Bilewicz, Michal ; Marchlewska, Marta ; Soral, Wiktor ; Winiewski, Mikolaj ; University of Warsaw. Center for Research on Prejudice ; Stefan Batory Foundation
Published: Warsaw : Stefan Batory Foundation, 2014

ISBN 978-83-62338-34-4

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Material type: report - research
Subject: hate speech - attitudes - prejudice - stereotype - anti-Semitism - anti-Gypsyism - racism - xenophobia
Country coverage: Poland

Discrimination/Diversité : rapport annuel 2013
Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR)
Published: Brussels : CEOOR, 2014

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Material type: annual report
Subject: discrimination - racism - freedom of religion or belief - disability - age - sexual orientation - employment - housing - education - jurisprudence
Country coverage: Belgium

Statements which offend, shock or disturb : focus on the freedom of speech
Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR)
Published: Brussels : CEOOR

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Material type: report
Subject: freedom of expression - hate speech - discrimination - media - cyber-hate
Country coverage: Belgium

Hate crime reporting website
Published: Warsaw : ODIHR, 17 June 2014

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Material type: annual report - website
Subject: hate crime - data collection - Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
Country coverage: OSCE region

Bookmarks : manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education
Keen, Ellie ; Georgescu, Mara ; Gomes, Rui (ed.) ; Council of Europe (COE)
Published: Strasbourg : COE, 2014

ISBN 978-92-871-7840-4

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Material type: tools and guides
Subject: cyber-hate - hate speech - human rights - education
Country coverage: COE region

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17 June 2014
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