The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) was tasked by the Ministerial Council in 2003 to serve as a collection point for information related to tolerance and non-discrimination on the basis of information received from the participating States, and in co-operation with civil society and intergovernmental organizations.

TANDIS (Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System) was developed by the ODIHR's Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department. In order to share and promote practices and initiatives and to provide information on issues related to tolerance and non-discrimination throughout the OSCE region, TANDIS gives access to:

  • information received from the OSCE participating States, specialized institutions and other organizations;
  • country pages providing information on country initiatives, legislation, national specialized bodies, statistics, and other information;
  • thematic pages with information related to different key issues;
  • international standards and instruments;
  • information from intergovernmental organizations including country reports and annual reports.
The majority of the information is in English, but also other official OSCE languages are represented.

Related legislation is available in co-operation with Legislationline, the ODIHR's free-of-charge online legislative database created to assist OSCE participating States in bringing their legislation into line with relevant international human rights standards.

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The ODIHR welcomes feedback on the usefulness and the user-friendliness of this website. To make sure the information provided on TANDIS is up-to-date, the ODIHR also welcomes information about resources on tolerance and non-discrimination issues including on hate crime and violent manifestations of intolerance and discrimination. More

The TANDIS website gives access to information in a number of contexts through various entry points grouped by Quick reference, Key issues and Country pages. More

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