Practices and initiatives undertaken to combat hate crimes - submitted for the ODIHR's annual Hate Crime Report
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Show Racism the Red Card

Country: Denmark
Category: Victim support

Initiator: The Danish Government.
Level of implementation: National

Summary: The Government allocated 3.5 mill. DKK (approximately 470.000 Euro) in 2006-2008 to the campaign: "Show Racism the Red Card". The campaign activities are designed to expose the fight against racism in the sports, in the cultural life and in society at large. The goal is for the project to help distribute information about positive side of diversity ..... in sport and cultural life and to combat myths, stereotypes and racism in society.

The Government has extended the funding by allocating another 3 million DKK (approximately 400.000 Euro) to the campaign in 2009-2011. The focus of the campaign will now be extended beyond the sphere of football and into other areas of culture life.

The campaign is known from other European countries, but the Danish campaign has a broader focus than racism in football, as the campaign includes a wide range of initiatives aimed towards schools and professional companies. Professional football players are widely engaged in the campaign as ambassadors for the campaign, visiting schools and debating racism and diversity with the pupils.

Website: http:/​/​ (English)

Submitted for the 2009 Hate Crime Report

Action Plan to Promote Equal Treatment and Diversity and Combat Racism

Country: Denmark
Category: Victim support

Initiator: The Danish Government.
Level of implementation: National

Summary: In November 2003, the Danish Government launched its "Action Plan to Promote Equal Treatment and Diversity and Combat Racism". The action plan comprised of initiatives aimed at furthering dialogue and debate in civic society, to promote equal treatment and diversity, and to combat racism and build mutual understanding through improving perceptions of ..... and communication between citizens regardless of ethnicity.

All of the initiatives under the action plan have now been im-plemented, and a new and revised plan is to be released in 2010. As a follow-up to the action plan 2003, 10 million DKK (approximately 1.350.000 Euro) have been allocated in 2007-2010 for a grant established in order to support local activities and projects to promote equal treatment and combat discrimination. Financial support from this grant is given to projects promoting e.g. non-discriminatory opinion forming and education programmes on equal treatment and anti-discrimination.

In 2009, support from this grant has been given to 4 different projects, to be implemented in the years 2010-2011:
  • "Life in the Ghetto" - television features about the life of children living in the ghettos in Denmark. The features will be a part of programmes transmitted directly from libraries in Danish Libraries on a new nationwide broadcasting channel for children. On every programme, guests will comment on the features, which will touch upon topics like the wearing of headscarves, racism, religion, street gangs, friendships, language etc.
  • "Diversity and Civic Citizenship in Vocational Schools" - development of individually designed teaching modules with the purpose of giving the students at vocational schools a fundamental knowledge of discrimination and how to prevent it. The programme is inspired by a the project "The Cultural Navigators" developed by British Council.
  • "Focus on Discrimination in the Labour Market on the Basis of Ethnic Background" - education of trade unionists with the purpose of strengthening worker's rights in situations of discrimination.
  • "Teaching Module for an Education Programme about Civic Citizen-ship" - development of a teaching module for children attending lower secondary school on democratic participation and cohesion. The module will be distributed to schools nationwide.

See: Action Plan (only available in Danish)

Submitted for the 2009 Hate Crime Report

Action Plan for preventing extremist views and radicalization among young people

Country: Denmark
Category: Victim support

Initiator: The Danish Government.
Level of implementation: National

Summary: In January 2009, the Danish Government presented its Action Plan "A common and safe future - an Action Plan to prevent extremist views and radicalization among young people". The Action Plan comprises of seven main focus areas including 22 preventive initiatives. Hate crimes and degrading behavior towards minority groups may be part of an extremist ..... agenda and may on the other hand be a contributing factor to radicalization and extremism among those being victims of hate crime. The action plan is therefore - among other things - also focused on combating hate crimes.

The focus areas of the Action Plan are:
  • Direct contact with young people in order to reach and de-radicalize young people involved in or getting involved in extremism.
  • Inclusion based on rights and obligations with the focus on equal treatment, anti-discrimination and the responsibilities of young people and their parents as participating citizens.
  • Dialogue and information to counter myths among certain groups in Denmark and in Muslim countries about discrimination and Denmark's involvement in certain Muslim countries.
  • Democratic cohesion through e.g. courses in civic citizenship democracy and active participation.
  • Efforts in selected residential areas in order to reverse negative trends and to avoid isolation of certain groups in society.
  • Special initiatives in prisons and secured facilities e.g. better training of prison staff, teaching of democratic skills to prisoners and better training of imams working in prisons.
  • Knowledge, cooperation and partnerships in order to strengthen the knowledge base of the authorities as well as strengthen partnerships and exchange of experiences with central actors, nationally as well as internationally.
Almost all of the initiatives in the Action Plan are now in their imple-menting stage. A large scale evaluation has been planned to ensure a con-tinuous qualification of the effort and to measure the effect of the initiatives.

Network for school principals addressing democracy, education and ex-tremism

One initiative in the Action Plan is the establishment of a network for school principals to promote exchange of best practices concerning edu-cation on democracy and civic citizenship. Furthermore, the network shall also facilitate exchange of experiences on identifying and combat-ing extremism, intolerance and discrimination, including double dis-crimination in the form of mutual harassment and racism among students of different cultural, religious or ethnic backgrounds. The network is now in place, and the first meetings have been held.

Democratic platform for young Danes with different ethnic backgrounds.

Another initiative from the Action Plan is a democratic platform for young Danes with different cultural background involved in associations or networks that are engaged in democracy, civic citizenship or intercul-tural activities. This platform has been created in cooperation with The Danish Youth Council, and 14 young people have been elected for the platform at a national conference in February 2010. The aim of the democratic platform is, in particular, to target its activities towards young people who feel excluded from the democratic community and who are not involved in activities in associations and to council ministries and policymakers on issues like integration, inclusion and social cohesion. Members of the democratic platform will have an outgoing role and initiate new inclusive activities and engage young people in the democratic processes at various levels.

Publications: A common and safe future (English)
En falles og tryg fremtid (Danish)

Submitted for the 2009 Hate Crime Report
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