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Practices and initiatives undertaken to combat hate crimes - submitted for the ODIHR's annual Hate Crime Report
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Hate Crime – A report on the situation and development of hate crime in Iceland and within the OSCE member countries.

Country: Iceland
Category: Other

Summary: The report is an overview of the work that the OSCE has been carrying out since the Ministerial Council agreed the Tolerance and Non-Discrimination decision nr. 4/13 in Maastricht in 2003. The report briefly elaborates on what happened in December 2003 at the Ministerial meeting, it also has an in depth chapter about the definition of hate crime as ..... well as the problem that member countries are faced with regarding registration and evaluation of the current status in each country.

The report covers the responsibility that the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police has as National Point of Contact for Hate Crimes. There is a summary of the discussions and decision that were taken at the meeting of the National Point of Contacts in Helsinki 16.-17th June 2008. Hate crime in other Nordic countries is something that Icelanders consider to be an important indicator of what might happen in Iceland in the coming years. Therefore there is a summary of the situation in the Nordic countries which is mainly based on ODIHR annual reports on Hate Crime.

There is a chapter about the legislation in Iceland, Police data and Non-governmental organisations. The final chapter makes certain recommendations. Some of these recommendations include longer sentences for those who commit hate crime, change to the constitution, amendments to the General Penal Code, more rigid recording of hate crime, increase awareness among Police officers, employees in the Judiciary system etc.

See: Hate crime : a report on the situation and development of hate crime in Iceland and within the OSCE member countries (in Icelandic)

Submitted for the 2008 Hate Crime Report
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