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Regular overviews of migration-related fundamental rights concerns
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Published: Vienna : FRA, May 2016
(Monthly data collection on the current migration situation in the EU)

Material type: report
Subject: migration - asylum - children's rights - health services - racism - hate crime - victims - hate speech
Country coverage: EU region - Austria - Bulgaria - Croatia - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Italy - Slovenia - Sweden

Praktyczny przewodnik dla sluzb policyjnych sluzacy przeciwdzialaniu dyskryminacji spolecznosci romskiej (Practical guide for police services to prevent discrimination against the Roma communities)
Sáez, Javier ; Giménez, Sara ; Council of Europe (COE)
Published: Wroclaw : Fundacja Integracji Spolecznej Prom, 18 May 2016

ISBN 978-83-62969-25-8

Title on the cover page: Praktyczny przewodnik dla sluz policyjnych dla przeciwdzialania dyskryminacji spolecznosci romskiej.

View full text: Polish

Material type: tools and guides
Subject: law enforcement - anti-discrimination - anti-Gypsyism
Country coverage: Poland

When Islamophobia turns violent : the 2016 U.S. presidential elections
Abdelkader, Engy ; Georgetown University
Published: Washington, DC : Georgetown University, May 2016

On the cover page: The Bridge Initiative : a Georgetown University research project.

View full text: English

Material type: report
Subject: hate crime - hate speech - Islamophobia - elections - freedom of religion or belief
Country coverage: United States

ECRI general policy recommendation no. 16 on safeguarding irregularly present migrants from discrimination (adopted on 16 March 2016)
European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
Published: Strasbourg : COE, 10 May 2016 CRI(2016)16

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Material type: recommendation - tools and guides
Subject: anti-discrimination - migration - education - health services - housing - social welfare - economic, social, and cultural rights
Country coverage: COE region

Ensuring justice for hate crime victims : professional perspectives
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Published: Luxembourg : Publications Office of the European Union, 28 April 2016 TK-04-16-289-EN-N

ISBN 978-92-9491-259-6

View full text: English

Material type: report - research
Subject: hate crime - victims - access to justice - law enforcement
Country coverage: EU region

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27 January 2015
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