Legislative resources

Legislationline is the legislative database published and maintained by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). Its purpose is to assist lawmakers and civil society in OSCE participating States by providing international standards on selected human dimension issues and collecting relevant domestic legislation in various languages.

Legislation relating to hate crime and other topics related to tolerance and non-discrinmination issues can be found on Legislationline. Links to relevant sections of Legislationline are provided opposite.

The TANDIS website complements Legislationline by collating additional resources which support legislation related to tolerance and non-discrimination issues, such as recommendations, guidelines for practitioners or statutory codes of practice.

Because the ODIHR does not focus on anti-discrimination law per se, legislation in this field is not included on Legislationline. However, since such measures may be closely related to key issues on which the ODIHR does focus, legislation relating to discrimination or equality that has been submitted to the ODIHR can be found under the Links tab on this page.