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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2001Twenty plus things law enforcement agencies can do to prevent or respond to hate incidents against Arab-Americans, Muslims, and SikhsUnited States Department of Justice. Community Relations Service (CRS) 
2002"Fighting fire with fire" : rethinking the role of disgust in hate crimesAbrams, Kathryn ; University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Boalt Hall School of Law 
2003Discrimination against Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians in New York City since 9/11New York City Commission on Human Rights 
2004The real story of U.S. hate crimes statistics : an empirical analysisRubenstein, William B. ; University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). School of Law 
Jan-2004Emotions, poverty, or politics : misconceptions about Islamic movementBaylouny, Anne Marie 
Mar-2004Building community and combating hate : lessons for the middle school classroomBettmann, Ellen Hofheimer ; Tiven, Lorraine 
8-Jun-2004ECRI general policy recommendation no. 8 on combating racism while fighting terrorism (adopted on 17 March 2004)European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) 
Apr-2005The Arab human development report 2004 : towards freedom in the Arab worldUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) ; Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development ; Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND) 
2006Introduction to Arab American and Muslim American cultures course for DHS personnelUnited States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) 
2007The first three to five seconds : understanding Arab and Muslim AmericansUnited States Department of Justice. Community Relations Service (CRS) 
Apr-2007Antisemitismus und radikaler IslamismusBenz, Wolfgang ; Wetzel, Juliane ; Technical University of Berlin. Center for Research on Antisemitism 
Dec-2008The Arab-American handbook : a guide to the Arab, Arab-American, and Muslim worldsShora, Nawar 
1-Dec-2010Same hate, new target : Islamophobia and its impact in the United States, January 2009 - December 2010University of California. Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender (CRG) 
15-Oct-2013Fourth report on Malta (adopted on 20 June 2013)European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) 
3-Dec-2014Local ethnic inequalities : ethnic differences in education, employment, health and housing in districts of England and Wales, 2001-2011Finney, Nissa ; Lymperopoulou, Kitty ; Kapoor, Nisha ; Marshall, Alan ; Sabater, Albert ; Simpson, Ludi ; University of Manchester