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Название: Model Quality Standards for Hate Crime Victim Support
Корпоративные авторы: OSCE ODIHR 
Association of Counseling Centers for Victims of Right-Wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence (VBRG) 
Корпоративные соавторы: European Union (EU) 
Ключевые слова: hate crime ; victims ; victim support
См. также: racism and xenophobia ; anti-Semitism ; intolerance ; Roma and Sinti ; Muslims ; Christians ; persons with disabilities ; sexual orientation ; gender identity ; civil society ; anti-discrimination ; tolerance ; stereotype ; hate speech ; training ; equal opportunities ; civil and political rights ; OSCE ODIHR
Ключевые вопросы: Hate crime
Дата публикации: 4-мая-2021
тип публикации: thematic report
tools and guides
Формат: pdf
Язык: English
Серия: EStAR
Том: 6
О стране: OSCE region 
URL больше информации: https://www.osce.org/odihr/485273
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Hate crime victimization can be profoundly traumatic. Victim support is vital to healing the trauma of crime by helping victims to manage the harms inflicted and deal with the aftermath if seeking justice. This guide provides benchmarks used to specify the quality of services required to meet states’ obligations to victims of hate crime. Its quality standards can also be used as guidelines for the development of new services, and as criteria to assess the quality of existing services. Quality standards play a crucial role in developing and strengthening specialized hate crime victim support, as high professional standards for the conduct, expertise and organization of services are key to meeting victims’ needs. It also includes "Checklist of Model Quality Standards for specialist hate crime victim support services" [see: https://tandis.odihr.pl/handle/20.500.12389/22728] for ease of use.
физическое описание: 48 p.
URI (Унифицированный идентификатор ресурса): http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12389/22729
ISBN (МСНК – международный стандартный номер книги): 9788366690189
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EStAR: Enhancing hate crime victim support

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